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Clas Ohlsson WiFI smart plug and google home

The clas ohlsson WiFI smart plug can actually be connected to an google home. It is not possible with the default Clas Ohlson home app.

The thing is that the Clas Ohlson WiFI smart plug is actually a rebranded Broadlink SP3 EU device.

So what you need to do is to:

  1. Install the Broadlink Intelligent Home Center (there are two versions and one named EU at the end, I did not use that one but it might work)
  2. Create an account
  3. Add your WiFI smart plugs (it was very easy and you can still control them through Clas Ohlson home app)
  4. Open the Google Home control settings and add a device
  5. Fromt the list of service providers select "Broadlink Smart Home" (you can potentially use the Broadlink Smart Home EU if you selected the other app, I have not tried) and enter your username and password
  6. Select a room for your devices

And you are done. Now you can control the devices you have. Way!