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The combination of off-the-shelf hardware and the Linux operating system give good protection and flexible configuration.

All models contain the same basic software and differ mostly in the form factor and performance. The small versions have limited amount of disc space which make them less suitable for proxy servers.

  • IPSec support
  • PPTP/MPPE (Microsoft VLAN) support
  • Web proxy
  • NAT capability with extensions for FTP and more
  • IPtables filtering

Micro firewall

  • 4 network interfaces
  • Small form factor

Mini firewall

  • 2-4 network interfaces (Gbit Ethernet option)
  • Small form factor (also available as wall mounted)
  • >100 Mbit NAT traffic performance
  • >33 Mbit traffic performance over IPSec

Rack mounted firewall

  • 1U rackmounted chassi