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Network Monitor

Do you want to know the status of your network and the services you provide? Also during times where you are not awake?

In that case network monitoring or network surveillance is something for you!


  • Automatic monitoring 24h a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
  • Notification by email or SMS.
  • Web interface to see statistics and trends.

The service is a combination of Nagios and PNP4Nagios.


The price is per month, per service checked and based on 1 check per hour. For more frequent checks take the number of times the check will be run per hour and multiply with the cost of that service check.

  • Basic setup: 200 EUR
  • General service: 5 EUR
  • Simple checks (ping, http, smtp) built into the monitoring software: 1 EUR
  • CPU consuming checks (SSH, https) built into the monitoring software: 5 EUR
  • Custom scripts: 10 EUR
  • SMS notifications: 0.1 EUR / notification
  • Extra support, check setup and custom cript development: 59 EUR / hour

Price Example

Hostprovider Inc. want to monitor two hosts for availability (ping), 10 URL:s (http) and 1 service using a more complex custom script. The custom script takes 2 hours to implement and Hostprovider Inc. want extra support to setup the services (2 h) in a correct way.

Basic setup: 200 EUR
Custom script development: 2*59 = 118 EUR
Setup support: 2*59 = 118 EUR
Ping check (4 times / hour for two hosts): 1*4*2 = 8 EUR / month
Http check (4 times / hour for 10 URLs): 1*4*10 = 40 EUR / month
Custom script (1 time / hour): 10 EUR / month

TOTAL: 436 EUR + 58 EUR / month