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Online backup

The service is based on the opalbackup software product in combination with the rsync file transfer protocol. If you have special requirements that can be arranged as the opalbackup is a very flexible product.

How it works

The service is initiated from the service provider. The first time the backup service is run, then a full mirror of the data is created. This mirror is then updated repeatedly to reflect the current state of the data. Only the changes between the previous mirror and the current data is transferred and stored by the backup service. This is means reduced bandwith usage and reduced size of the data storage needed. A full mirror of the current data is always kept, while the changes (deleted and changed data) is stored in separate folders. This mean that it is very easy to restore the current state in case of a failure, while it can take some more time to restore older data.

A prerequisit for this service is that the system that need the backup service is available online, and that the rsync t and ssh protocols is installed. If that is not possible, then special arrangements is needed. Most things are possible to arrange, but it can complicate the function of the service.


The following factors affect the price of the service:

  • The total size of backup data (mirror size + stored changes)
  • Bandwitdh needed, if above a certain limit
  • Number of targets to backup
  • Special arrangements

For unix and linux servers the following price model is used:

  • Monthly service fee: 50 $ / month
    One target included
  • Total size of backup data: 10 $ / GB / month
    Average value for all targets
  • Per extra target: 30 $ / month
  • Target setup fee: 75 $ / hour
  • Data restore fee: 75 $ / hour

If special arrangements is needed, that can be arranged as well, but the price can vary.

Copies to CD or DVD media can also be arranged on request.