Company information


The purpose of Inguza Technology AB is to provide product development, services development and consultant services mainly within the area of open source software.

Inguza Technology AB has in depth knowledge about open source solutions, payment systems, embedded systems, network protocols and high available distributed systems.


  1. In year 2014 Inguza Sverige AB was merged into Inguza Technology AB.
  2. In year 2011 Inguza Sverige AB is a fully owned daughter company of Inguza Technology AB.
  3. In year 2009 the Swedish business has been moved to a separate company called Inguza Sverige AB.
  4. In year 2008 the name was changed to Inguza Technology AB. At the same time the organisation form was changed from a Sole Proprietor to an Incorporation.
  5. In year 2002 the company moved its seat from Linköping to Karlstad where it is currently located.
  6. The company was founded in year 2000 with the name Ola Lundqvist systemkonsult by Ola Lundqvist during his University studies at the Master of Science program in Information Technology in Linköping, Sweden.


Name: Inguza Technology AB
VAT number: SE556754527101
Org. number: 556754-5271
Seat: Karlstad, Sweden
Address: Böj 527
65594 Karlstad, Sweden
Telephone: +46-(0)70-332 15 51
Email: info at


An Inguza is a prehistoric penguin bird presumed to be a close relative of the African Penguin. This name was chosen to show the relation Inguza Technology AB has to the Open Source movement and the Linux Tux mascot.