Drupal Module Development

Drupal is a highly flexible content management system and web development platform written in php. A big advantage with this system compared to other platforms is that it is highly modular with extensive possibility to modify the system without actually changing its core compoenents.

So far Inguza Technology AB has developed the following modules in Drupal:

  • Icart as a framework to build shopping, wishlist and other cart type applications.
  • Wish list (icart based) with the following:
    • Broker for Synergyx or credit purchases
    • Sitewide discount
  • Login broker to redirect to a start page depending on credentials
  • Purchase history with the following:
    • Upsell based in product relations
    • Sitewide discount
  • Product promotion with the following:
    • Broker for both SynergyX or credit purchases
    • Wish list integration
    • Sitewide discount
    • Purchase history based discount
  • Shopping cart for credit based purchases (icart based)
  • SynergyX integratiom with the following:
    • Registration of credit purchases
    • Registration of payed member subscription
  • Ippsession as a cross platform session system.

    Inguza Technology AB has also developed a number of Drupal themes.