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Software Porting

Portability of software is generally a difficult task. One way of solving the problem is to develop the software in portable languages like Java, Perl or php. However that is not always a solution, for example when the runtime environment for that language is not ported to the platform your software is supposed to run.

So even if that is a good alternative for making the software more portable it is not the final solution, especially if the software has been developed in a compiled language like C. In such cases it may be better to conform to some standard like POSIX.

The situation may also be so that the target environment do not have room for a development environment which means that cross compiling is necessary. This is the kind of difficulties that Inguza Technology AB can help you with.

Operating systems

  • Linux (Montavista, RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu, Novell/Suse, Maemo, LRP, OpenWRT)
  • BSD (FreeBSD, OpenBSD)
  • Solaris
  • Windows 32 bit API
  • MsDOS
  • OSE
  • Cray UNICOS

Microprocessor environment

  • Intel/AMD 32 bit
  • Intel 64 bit (Itanium)
  • AMD 64 bit (x86-64)
  • PowerPC
  • IBM S/390
  • ARM
  • MIPS (big and little endian)