The Debian Archiver is an open source tool that install debian packages into a file structure suitable for apt-get, aptitude, dselect or similar tools. It is intended to be used by local system administrators that need special, new, backported or tweaked package versions.


  • Automatically create an APT-gettable package repository
  • Configuration per installed computer, per user or per distribution directory
  • Potato file structure for the sorted package files
  • Sort packages based on information available during build of the package
  • Open source


You can download the latest version of Debarchiver from the svn repository.

Debarchiver is also part of the following Linux distributions:


The README, README.gnupg and README.repository files, the manual page and the configuration file contains the information needed to set up an APT repository.

Third party documentation


The main development and maintenance of the debarchiver software is done by Inguza Technology AB, but the Open Source Community has contributed with bug reports, improvement suggestions, code and patches. The full list of contributors can be found in the AUTHORS file in the software package.


Inguza Technology AB can provide commercial support for this software upon request.

The current list of bugs and improvement suggestions are available from the Debian Bug tracker for the debarchiver package.


GNU General Public License