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Hp-search-mac is an open source tool that can determine the physical port with a MAC address and a list of HP switches to query. This is very useful when maintaining an larger network based on HP switches.


  • Determine the physical port on best match basis
  • List all ports containing the MAC address
  • Based on SNMP queries


The manual page and the configuration file contain the information you need in order to use the tool.


GNU General Public License or GNU Free Document License

The software can also be covered by a commercial license upon request.


Inguza Technology AB can provide commercial support for this software upon request.


You can download the latest version of hp-search-mac from the svn repository.

Hp-search-mac depends on OpalMod and libnet-snmp-perl. The Net snmp perl library can be downloaded from CPAN.

Hp-search-mac is also part of the following Linux distributions: